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Windows 10 Creator`s update

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I have been using the new Windows 10 Creator`s update on my main laptop now for a few days, and things are pretty smooth. The upgrade process didn`t break anything…

The good :

  • Taking screen shots and putting them to the clipboard is not built in. It is the same combination as OneNote used. windowKey + Shift + s
  • Edge seems fast
  • Paired with the latest DisplayLink drivers (8.2) my system doesn`t get as slugish as before
  • The tv and movie apps has a windows on top mode so i can catchup on movies as i work without taking half the screeen
  • Skype is out of preview and actually kinda works. Paired with my phone i can now answer SMS from the desktop without having to take my phone and unlock it each time

The bad :

  • Someone decided that the new window on top feature in skype should activate as soon as skype loses focus. This is horrible when trying to answer email on a second screen when watching a demo which  is streamed to skype.

This is not meant as an exhaustive list of all of the new features, but mainly what i have used a lot since the I have installed the new version.


Renewed MVP and 2017 wish list

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Hi community !

I’d like to thank all of you who supported me during the year by trusting me, listening to me and asking me questions and advice. This has led to my 9th renewal as a MVP. Thank you all !

I love to share knowledge and stories, and that is only possible with you guys out there…

As life advances, so does how i do things.

2017 for me needs to be the year that DayTickler comes to life. This is a project i have been working on with Mario Cardinal. We have been trough many pivots and we finally know we are on to something great, that helps people on a daily basis – this is for me a contribution to all, in order for all to better themselves.

2017 will also be a new year on the coaching aspect. I will continue working with teams and people tackling different problems using Microsoft based technologies. Microsoft has reinvigorated itself in that few years and i am proud to promote and work with these technologies. But ever since i have little ones who have started school, i see the world through their eyes. A world where they never knew MS-DOS and the limits of 640kb of ram. They don’t live in world where everything can be done with computers – they live in a world where everything is done and they are users of computers. I want to promote again computers as a creativity thing, and not a “how many likes to i have on facebook” thing. If you are in the Montreal area, please ping to see how we can reinvigorate these little ones together. Schools, teachers, summer camps – let’s invent something new !

On this,  to each and everyone, be healthy in 2017 and enjoy every moment of life.


Channel 9 – Serverless architectures and Azure Functions

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I have just published first my Channel9 video and had to learn a few things about editing… although I’ve been invited to podcasts and stuff, i was never the one who did the grunt after work of editing afterwards.

I was lucky and didn’t have to do much work, other than removing some silence at the beginning and chop out some time waiting for Azure to create a few resources…

I had a license of Camtasia Studio lying around and decided to give it a try, my first video took less than 10 minutes !

Enjoy the video, i hope it won’t be my last !


Quick Assist

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Windows 10 (The Anniversary update) just arrived with a feature i think i will be using quite often…

As you probably know, there is always somebody who needs help with their pc… there’s a bunch of screen sharing things out there and it’s kind of built into skype. But nothing that just works out of the box without any downloads…

I just read this blog on WinSupersite… there is a new feature call Quick Assist in Windows 10 that basically gives you a 6 digit code to type in and then you are helping somebody out… I don’t think it gets any faster than this…

quickassist-1 quickassist-2 quickassist-3


Working with Xamarin IOS

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My home office setup is basically a USB3 dock, 2 24inch screens, a few lights and a wireless mouse. Oh yeah – I have Mac under the desk to keep my to warm so i can build Xamarin IOS things…

In order to debug and view the IOS version of the APP, I basically have to remote into the Mac using VNC (by the way, can somebody make a decent UWP VNC app). This setup is not ideal at all.

With the latest Xamarin announcements, it is now possible to remote de IOS simulator from the Mac to the PC using special software… It is a great tool and resembles the XDE tool use for the Android and Windows Phone emulator.

Here is a screenshot of DayTickler running with this technology – go grab it here !


Node.js with visual studio

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I wanted to show how node.js worked to a bunch of people – they were skeptical, being mostly C# developers. Somehow, they didn’t believe Visual Studio was equipped to handle javascript (or typescript). I showed them first how these technologies handled in a Cordova project, with intellisens and debugging… But i was not exactly in node.js yet…

The next day, the second part of our discussion – i found this :

Install this extension and Visual Studio magically becomes a great node.js ide… debugging and all…

Enjoy !

Window 10 Anniversary update, the new Miracast Receiver and the Microsoft Android Emulator

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Yesterday i reinstalled my laptop with the new Windows 10 Anniversary build. All things good and well, and i love a bunch of the new features.

The only problem i ran into is trying to run the Microsoft Visual Studio Android Emulator. It didn’t want to do anything except for gobbling up 30% CPU.

After diagnosing the problem with a MS engineer, it turns out the new Miracast Receiver feature in Windows 10 doesn’t play nice with the Microsoft Visual Studio Android Emulator.

All you have to do is disable the Windows 10 Feature and then all is good again.

Enjoy !

PictureDuplicator – my First Opoen Source Project

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I am still relatively new to this whole open source thing. I understand it, believe in it, but have yet to really contribute to it.
So i am proud to present the world with this small utility, which is a WPF app that scans one directory, finds images marked with 4 or 5 stars and then resizes them in an alternate directory structure (that mirrors the original).
The result – a collection of your best pictures that are resized for easy viewing on a tv, picture frame or other, that doesn’t measure 5 megs per image…