about me

Erik Renaud is a known software architects for solutions realized using the Microsoft ensemble of technologies, for which he is a recipient of the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for five years. The MVP award also recognizes his community involvement which Erik uses as a means to transfer what he learns. The fields in which he specializes are information systems ranging from sales, accounting, finance, insurance, banking, membership, automation and manufacturing.

More than a technologist, he is a known coach, a technique used to help teams better themselves. Erik uses coaching to help teams manage projects using the latest methods, processes and technologies, ensuring the solution is always innovative and offering concrete value to the intended customers. He is motivated by the lean principles and guides using the agile ideologies to ensure the entire software development cycle is sound.

As an entrepreneur, Erik has co-founded many companies. His latest endeavor “Slingboards-Lab” aims to bring sticky notes and collaborative boards to the masses using digital techniques. “Your team at your fingertips” is a slogan which means to us that we will be exploiting mobile tools (smart phones, tablets and the web) to empower teams to better collaborate. The challenge is understanding how each team is unique, a problem solved by the developer platform we are building. The second challenge is how to replace the richness and flexibility of a white board with a set of visual rules that fit within a portable device in order to accomplish work. Visit www.slingboards-lab.com to learn more.

Finally, Erik is an international speaker on diverse subject in technology and processes, he can be contacted at erik.renaud@modelon.net or seen anywhere kendo is practiced.