Skype’s new WOW Architecture

Skype has been through a lot of changes lately. On the Windows platform it was a Win32 app, then a UWP, then a store app that was something else (Electron – ReactNative???). This something else is what interests me, because it seems to look exactly as my Android’s Skype, my wife’s IPAd’s Skype and even a new web based preview.

Check it out at

I find this quite interesting because it almost seems like a single source code for all of the different platforms out there, I think this is the kind of architecture that we must invest-in. If this were a simple website that shoes the weather after calling a web service, I wouldn’t of been impressed. This has notifications, audio, video and more !

Skype team, if you are listening! drop me a line so I can invite you to our local user’s group !