Hopes for Windows RS6 (spring 2019)

Every now and then I examine the tools I work with, the brands I use and how I work…

To me, phones are… still phones. I love them dearly with all their apps and potential, but since I spend 8-10 hours a day with a computer, I don’t need another 5 inch screen on my desk… 

Tablets… these are an interesting topic for me. I find them very cool (to the point that I can’t for the LTE Surface GO to come out so I can grab one). I need them to be a middle ground and act like a computer so I don’t always carry have to carry my laptop and act like a big phone so i can do personal usage stuff (media, social…).

I don’t expect to work on a phone so them being driven by apps and stuff is fine. I do expect more from a tablet and cannot adhere to a IPAD or Android tablet as I still do not understand how work gets done on those devices. Have you ever tried to plan a trip, with a map, a browser and a note-taking tool on one of these?

Here are my wishes for the Windows ecosystem for Redstone 6, I guess available around spring 2019:

  1. Split Windows.
    1. The kernel and core-os should be owned by Azure, Developement, Office and a new group called Consumers.
    2. The Azure team should evolve the kernel technologically, in collaboration with the Development group.
    3. The Office team should evolve the current Windows experience (let’s call it classic Windows with Explorer) and brand it as Windows for Professionals, in collaboration with the Development group.
    4. The Office team should also create a new SKU for Windows for Work which is basically today’s Windows S with some deep Office365 integration. They should be responsible also for Windows for Hubs (the OS for today’s Surface Hubs).
    5. The Consumers team should manage a bunch of different experiences for Windows, Phone – Tablet – Laptop – TV – Device. It’s the same software that adapts to whatever form factor the device is. Andromeda… Polaris… contimuum….
  2. Skype should become a telco within the Consumers team
  3. Why is Surface GO an Intel device ????? 
  4. Continue in the way of the “My android phone” app. It should mirror the screen if possible and seamlessly tether. It should also work via Bluetooth as often my laptop is connected to a wifi network and not my phone.
  5. Windows devices should just work together magically (share internet, files , pictures, messages…)
  6. Create HDMI dongles that run Windows for TVs – call them Surface Walls.
  7.  WSL should become a full android subsystem, Windows should be  a better Android than Android.
  8. Make Edge good ! support all standards so that PWAs can benefit from it all.
  9. Make Onenote the center of the pen experience.
  10. Get your media story straight (live tv, radio, podcasts, music, tv shows, movies…