VS Code Addins

A long time ago, I was working with companies helping them create add-ons for Visual Studio. This was NOT an easy task. We had to write code, implement COM interfaces, figure out registration, packaging, development instances of VS… It was CRAZY!

Now a new beast is in town, Visual Studio Code. It is a code editor based on Electron, a Javascript system for packaging apps. Although I still love my Visual Studio, I do have to say that I spend a lot of time in Visual Studio Code.

As it turns out, one of my clients needed to have an easy way to update data for his web site and so we created a JSON file that was in an accessible location. Next what we needed was an easy way to edit these files and so we thought, how about edit the file in Visual Studio Code with a custom addon.

The two commands required to start are (install yeoman, the generator and then create the base structure) :

npm install -g yo generator-code
yo code

Then you open Visual Studio Code in the directory and hit F5 ! Your addon will be loaded into a second instance of VS Code, you can even debug !

Now go on and create something ! Here is a link to the docs !