Office365 Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an important thing, we should all now that by now. For a long time, I’ve had it activated on my Microsoft Account and Google Account. Today I decided to turn it on for the Office365 tenant, I went into the admin tools and turned it on. Easy enough.

As expected, I had to remove the account from Outlook and Windows 10 and re-add them. But surprise, Outlook 2016 didn’t want to connect. It seems there is a manual intervention that needed to be done.

I am no IT admin and no PowerShell guru, but following the articles here saved my life:

By using the instructions in the second link, you get some sort of Office365 configured local PowerShell thing. Once you open that, all you have to do is these two commands to make everything work:

Connect-EXOPSSession -UserPrincipalName
Set-OrganizationConfig -OAuth2ClientProfileEnabled $true