Shrinking USB keys to save a old Windows Tablet

At the first Microsoft Build event, they gave attendees a Samsung tablet, made for Windows 8. I loved that tablet (other than the fact that it was heavy) because it had a built-in cellular modem.

But sadly, last week, the thing crashed and was going into a boot loop. The only way to revive it was to reinstall everything…

This was going to be a challenge because this particular model required a 4gb Fat32 USB key. Unfortunatly it is 2018 and the smallest key i found was 16 gigabytes…

So search the internet and i didn’t find an exact recipe, but i did try something that could work – so i gave it a try. Open DiskPart and issue the commands:

list disk
select disk 1 (in my case it was 1, it might be different for you !)
create partition primary size=4160

That’s it, then i formatted it, copied the contents of this ISO of Windows 10 onto it and bingo, it booted and in thirty minutes everything was up and running.

To get back the key to 16gb, just run the same instructions without the size-4160 part.

And that’s how you shrink a usb key.


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