Windows 10 Creator`s update

I have been using the new Windows 10 Creator`s update on my main laptop now for a few days, and things are pretty smooth. The upgrade process didn`t break anything…

The good :

  • Taking screen shots and putting them to the clipboard is not built in. It is the same combination as OneNote used. windowKey + Shift + s
  • Edge seems fast
  • Paired with the latest DisplayLink drivers (8.2) my system doesn`t get as slugish as before
  • The tv and movie apps has a windows on top mode so i can catchup on movies as i work without taking half the screeen
  • Skype is out of preview and actually kinda works. Paired with my phone i can now answer SMS from the desktop without having to take my phone and unlock it each time

The bad :

  • Someone decided that the new window on top feature in skype should activate as soon as skype loses focus. This is horrible when trying to answer email on a second screen when watching a demo which  is streamed to skype.

This is not meant as an exhaustive list of all of the new features, but mainly what i have used a lot since the I have installed the new version.



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