.net core 1.0

I still remember in 2002, when Microsoft announced the .net framework and i was so happy to have a competitor to Java in the Microsoft ecosystem. It was the start of modern programming for me – no more win32, no more pointers, no more stl, mfc.

14 years later, Microsoft has now announced a new incarnation of dot net. Not a new version, but a complete revamp of the product that allows .net code to run on Windows, Macintosh or Linux. A modern .net that keeps only the usefull apis in a cross platform method. A new development process where dotnet is on github, open sourced and ready for everyone to bring their ideas. A new deployment concept where you ship the framework with your app instead of asking some administrator to do it.

Welcome to .net core. http://dot.net.

Read the full announcement blog here : https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2016/06/27/announcing-net-core-1-0/


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