new presentation style

Well, it’s a slow Monday morning, and instead of rushing into things, I figured I would enjoy a nice coffee and quickly learn something new.

One of the things that has interested me lately are presentations. Using Microsoft PowerPoint as a starting tool, my presentations always need a narrator, someone to say the story behind each slide so that they fall into context.

Running startups and blurring the line between marketing and presenting, I was looking for something new. Something that looks like a commercial and stands on it’s own. It also required to run on web technologies, as anything connected could then consume it…

The first commercial (freemium) product I found was Prezi ( It’s a web site for designing presentations on what is called an infinite canvas. Basically you build your entire presentation on what you can think of as a single piece of paper, and the “slides” are basically zooming in and out on different parts of that paper sheet. The effect is amazing and I find it allows the audience to create a flow from the beginning to then end of presentation in a logical way. Brilliant !

If you don’t feel like using a web editor, but doing hardcore html + css, then I found impress.js, which allows you to create an effect similar to Prezi. Since I wanted for one of my project for the presentation to be a part of the solution, I decided to try this for myself. After a few seconds, I found this web site that served as a tutorial and in less than half an hour, I had my first presentation which was a part of a mobile app.

The last technology I looked at, which seemed brilliant but relied on the more traditional concept of slides is reveal.js. If ever I have to embed a more traditional slides based presentation in a mobile app, this is the technology I will be using.


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